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Lunesta or Eszopiclone is a hypnotice nonbenzodiazepine agent which has a molecular weight of 388.81 and is a light white yellow and is crystalline in nature. It dissolves in water and in ethanol it is slightly soluble.

A Brief Report on Lunesta

Lunesta is a form of sedative which is also known as a hypnotic. Its genetic name is Eszopiclone. The drug affects the chemicals in the brain of people suffering from insomnia as they may have chemical imbalance in their brain due to lack of sleep. In other words, Lunesta is used to treat Insomnia.

This medication helps to relax, which is important for falling asleep and also remain in the same state.The drug comes under the sedative hypnosis class and it acts on the brain to generate a charming effect on the person suffering from insomnia. Lunesta may also cause some side effects such as hives, difficulty in breathing, swelling, etc. If any of such symptoms occur, it is recommended to stop taking the drug immediately and to see a doctor at the earliest. This drug should never be administered in the body during the working hours and should be administered only when a person can dedicate eight hours of sleep after the admission of this drug. There have been several incidences where people have driven, made a phone call or done some sort of similar activity after the consumption of Lunesta and had no recall of such a thing. This is a very serious condition and hence further consumption should be stopped immediately in such a case.

It is not recommended to consume any form of alcohol while on this drug as it can trigger its side effects. The person taking this medicine might even feel sleepy. Hence it should be consumed only in the proportion prescribed to the patient. There might be withdrawal symptoms in a person if he stops taking Lunesta after some time. Hence it is recommended that its usage should be decreased substantially and should not be stopped immediately. Additionally, this drug should never be shared with anyone, especially with the one having a history of addiction.It should be avoided during travelling because if the person does not get enough sleep, he might suffer from amnesia for next several hours. It should be used only by a person suffering from insomnia. The medication can lead to some side effects including anxiety, depression, memory problem, hallucinations, etc. Other side effects include drowsiness, dizziness, head ache, sneezing and sore throat.


A one mg of dosage is recommended for adults in the beginning stage while it can be increased up to three mg if the necessity persists. The medication should be taken by mouth as directed by the doctor right before going to the bed. It should not be taken when the person has a heavy fat meal as the medication may not work effectively.

The dosage depends on the medical condition of the patient as it differs according to the age, lever function and other functions of the body. The alertness on the next day is also affected due to this drug and hence it should not be taken when the person needs to be alert on the next day. The withdrawal symptoms of this drug can be severe and can include vomiting, nausea and stomach cramps.

The drug can also lead to addiction. Hence a person suffering from insomnia should take it as per the prescription only.

Action Mechanism of Lunesta sleeping pills

The action mechanism of lunesta basically is its interactiveness with GABA receptor which is close to the benzodiazepine receptors. The medication is absorbed within one hour of its ingestion and if you see the action mechanism, it is amazing. Moreover, eszopiclone does not accumulate in the body if the dosage is followed in the right manner.

Benefits of Lunesta sleeping pills

Lunesta or Eszopiclone basically helps in treating insomnia or sleep related disorders. If you are experiencing sleeping problems, then eszopiclone in lunesta will help sleep longer and you will feel fresh when you get up. One can be assured of sleeping longer and waking up fewer times during the night. It assures of a sound night’s sleep and rest. It can also be classified under sedative hypnotics and it lends a soothing effect to your brain. One needs to bear in mind that the eszopiclone medication should not be taken for more than fifteen days at a stretch and in the event your insomnia increases, it is best to seek medical help or visit the specialist to get the right medical treatment. Make sure to go through the instructions carefully before you use eszopiclone and get things clarified from your pharmacist. Eszopiclone has to be taken orally just before you get into bed or just before sleeping. Make sure not to take it with heavy food or fatty meals as it may affect the results. The age of the patient, the functioning of the liver, medication condition of the patient and other medications that the patient is taking has an effect on the manner in which these sleeping pills will work. There are patients who simply take over the counter sleeping pills to tide over temporary problems. Make sure not to overdo the medication and not to take it during other times of the day. Especially individuals who work at sites and who are into driving and other skilled labor should be double careful before they ingest these medications. Jobs requiring alertness have to be performed with lot of caution and so make sure you do not overdo the medication of more than 3 mgs dosage.

Dosage and Storage of Lunesta sleeping pills

If the patient or the family of the patient feels that the person has over drugged himself, then they should contact the closest emergency medical center and take the patient to the doctor. Many of the people suffer from breathing problems or deep sleep if they feel there is an over dosage of lunesta. As per clinical trials, eszopiclone can result in severe overdose but patients have recovered from the same. However, when lunesta was taken with other medications, it did have severe side effects. Hence, doctors generally stop the other medications when one is on sleeping tablets. The patient should not share their medication with any other person. With age, the sleep patterns amongst people change considerably and hence it is of essence that one gets adequate sound sleep. Sleep problems may result in many other medical conditions like hyperacidity, high blood pressure problems and sugar problems. Hence make sure to take advice from the doctor and go in for mild sleeping tablets. There are natural ways to induce sleep but if these do not work, you will have to take eszopiclone medication. What happens if you miss a dose? Simply let it be. Never overdo the medication. Store it at room temperature. Keep it away from moisture and light. Also, never ever store medication in bathroom as there is a greater chance of attracting moisture. Do not keep it close to kids and pets. Never ever flush medications down the toilet. Follow instructions mentioned about how to flush the medication that has expired. You may check with a professional water disposal agency or seek advice from your pharmacist about flushing down the medicines down the toilet.

Precautions To Be Taken While Using Lunesta

Make sure to explain things to your doctor about any allergies that you have. Many of the products may cause allergies and hence one need to check about the composition before taking these medications.The doctors should have a complete case history of the patient before suggesting these sleeping tablets. If the patient is suffering from COPD, lung or breathing problems, liver problems or disease of the kidney, one needs to be double sure before recommending eszopiclone. Few patients also experience sleepiness even next day when they get up. Driving and other important activities that require alertness should be avoided so that one does not encounter any accident.

Side effects of Eszopiclone sleeping pills

The side effects of eszopiclone include unpleasant taste, dry mouth, feeling of nausea and also coordination difficulty. If the symptoms increase, check with your doctor and speak to your pharmacist. In the event of any major side effect, get up slowly if you are lying down. Since these are sleeping tablets, make sure not to take it during daytime. The dosage has to be adjusted in the right manner. Also, in the event of any side effects like agitation, confusion, anxiety, aggressive behavior, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, keep the doctor posted and he would gradually adjust the dosage. Since these are basically sleeping tablets, one is never sure about how well the person can take it. Driving should be avoided and it holds true for preparing food, having sex, making phone calls as the person may not be in full senses and so it would be hazardous for others as well. Moreover, one should avoid taking alcohol if you are under this medication. Side effects may also include swelling and itching or rash formation on the throat, tongue and face.